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Electronic transactions by e-mail to the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

The Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (the Institute) can now accept transactions submitted per e-mail within the framework of the Ordinance on Electronic Communication for Administrative Procedures. A specific technical solution was found so that the standards for a legally-binding transaction, as stipulated by the ordinance, could be met.

In particular, the following restrictions regarding electronic transactions by e-Mail to the Institute shall remain:

Until further notice, the Institute itself will continue to respond to electronic transactions by e-mail regarding a protective title procedure using paper copy.

The Institute, respectively its protective rights areas, will define the areas and procedures for which electronic transactions by e-mail shall be permissible. Transactions sent per e-mail to other areas or for other procedures can only first be considered legally binding by submitting the necessary documents per postal service or Fax.

Further information can be found in the terms of use concerning electronic transactions by e-mail to the Institute.