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Certificates – download and import

If you wish to send your e-mail encrypted, you must install the certificate (public key) corresponding to your recipient's address.



Install certificates

Proceed as follows, depending on your browser and e-mail program:

Download certificate with Internet Explorer

When you click on a certificate, a warning message appears telling you that it is a security certificate:

Proceed as follows:
  1. Make sure that it is the correct certificate by clicking on "Open":

    Issued from: Eidgenoessisches Institut fuer Geistiges Eigentum
    Issued for: QV Schweiz ICA

  2. Click on "Install certificate":

    The Import certificate wizard will appear:

    Click on "Next >"

    Click on "Next >"

    Click on "Finish >" to install certificate. If it successfully installs, you'll see the following message:

  3. Click again on the link to the certificates:

    Click on "Save" to save certificate. You will need to install the certificate later in your mail client.

Import certificates to Outlook

To send encrypted e-mails from Outlook, you must create the corresponding contact and enter the saved certificate.

In the "Tools" menu (or "Extras" menu) on the Outlook tool bar, select "Address book ..."

In the "File" menu, select "New entry..." from the menu

Select "New contact" and click on "OK"

Enter a name for the new contact in the "Name" field (e.g., IGE trademarks).
Enter the e-mail address in the "E-mail..." field (e.g., tm.admin@ekomm.ipi.ch).

Then click on the "Certificates" tab:

Use the "Import" button to import the certificate you saved for the e-mail address you entered.

Then click on "Save and close" to save the changes.

Now when you send an e-mail to the address you entered, Outlook will encrypt it.

Downloading certificates with Firefox

When you click on a certificate, a warning message appears:

Save the certificate by right clicking the mouse on the link to open the context menu and selecting "Save target under":

Double click the saved certificate:

Now, click on "Open" to check whether it's the correct certificate:

Issued by: Eidgenoessisches Institut fuer Geistiges Eigentum
Issued for: QV Schweiz ICA

Install the certificate as described above.


To send encrypted e-mails with Thunderbird, you will need your own encryption certificate (e.g., SwissSign Silver Certificate, www.swisssign.com) since Thunderbird encrypts e-mail with your certificate in order to file it in the "Sent" folder.

Install certificate

Got to "Settings" in Thunderbird's "Extras" menu and select "Expanded" and then "Certificates":

Click on "Certificates" to open the Certificate manager:

Here you may now import the certificates.